Guides and Picture Books

Guides and Picture Books

Wood, Water, and Light: Classic Wooden Boats

This is the must have “coffee-table” book for anybody with an interest in wooden boats.  Joel White was one of the most important wooden boat designers of the later half of the 20th century, and his text is lucid and deeply informed. Mendlowitz is the preeminent photographer of wooden boats.  The combination of their efforts makes this book incomparable.

Fifty Wooden Boats: A Catalog of Building Plans, Vol.1

The title says it all, and it is the first of three albums.  Best of all, if a boat catches your fancy, large scale and buildable drawings are available from Wooden Boat Magazine.

The Guide to Wooden Boats: Schooners, Ketches, Cutters, Sloops, Yawls, Cats

With precise descriptions and analysis by Bray, and superb photographs by Mendlowitz, this book provides a set of examples of wooden boats in a variety of configurations and sizes. It serves as a wonderful introduction for those interested in becoming more knowledgeable about wooden boats.

Classic Wooden Yachts of the Northwest

“Charlotte” focuses on a boatyard in Martha’s Vineyard, and most of the works listed here are steeped in the maritime traditions of the Northeast.  McClure’s beautiful book reminds us that there is a vibrant center of wooden boating in the Northwest as well, one with its own distinct traditions of yacht design and construction.  Though they find themselves a continent apart, they are united by a deep appreciation of wooden boats and the steadfast desire to keep those traditions vibrant and alive. 

The Book of Wooden Boats (Vol. III)

 Another book from the unbeatable team of Bray and Mendlowitz, this is the most recent installment in a series that offers a “compendium of enchanting images of the worlds most interesting and photogenic boats.”